Winter sucks! Period.

But why do we have to wear ugly-ass winter boots that are there just for function? Why can’t someone make warmish winter boots that look dope? Well, I have scoured around looking for something that would fill the void, and I think I have done just that. Check out some sneakers and sneaker boots you can rock this winter to keep your feet warm and looking fresh.

MEN’S H.F/1.3 and 1.4 PRIMEKNITS

I personally picked these bad boys up and I will say that they are one of the best pickups I made in all of 2017. They are plenty warm, I’ve been wearing them in the snow for that last month and am loving them, my only regret is being a dummy and not buying them in black and or setting them up with creps before I took em out. I would recommend buying them in black, they still look dope but you don’t have to worry as much about them getting dirty.

If you aren’t keen on hightops (although I don’t know why you would be in the winter) Adidas also has them in a low rise model. all models are weatherproof, but like I said earlier I would totally hit em up with creps to keep the stains away.



For those of you who are still on that NMD hype train which many are, Adidas also released their XR 1 Winter NMD. With weatherproof primeknit upper and built in sock to keep your ankles warm. Personally I’m not a huge fan of the built in sock for the XR1 or NMD in general. But hey maybe you do and that’s all that really matters.



Now the Adidas Forum primeknits actually look like winter sneakers to me. again with the weatherproof primeknit upper. the high top looks simple yet still dope if you can rock red! I would cop 8/10.


With all the iterations of the AF1SF which i picked up the second release of in tan. They are super comfortable to wear, even for longer periods. the Ibex brings a higher tongue, a larger hi-top in general, and the wrap around laces are a nice touch. Best of all is the fact they are zippered in the front for ease of use. Although like my pair of AF 1.3 they come in WHITE! So you best treat them before wearing them out or after 2 or three wears they will be dirty AF!

But I might actually go out and cop a pair and do a proper review on them soon.


The Nike SFB Gen 2 is the only boots/sneaker on this list that is actually marketed as unisex. Although these days girls wear guys shoes all the time! Lets face it, sneaker releases are generally geared towards males, so I don’t blame them at all. But in any case, lets get down to these boots, this is also the only one on this list that i feel like, looks more boot than sneaker. The design is very militaristic, but pretty dope considering the military inspo has been entering more of the spotlight in streetwear as of late.

Are you planning any winter sneaker pickups?