As you all know, Tokyo is essentially home away from home for me. Before meeting Mel [@melhwang] it was a yearly tradition, to get together with my boys and take a trip to the land of the rising sun. After meeting Mel…..well, nothings changed! Only difference is that she gets to come along from time to time. This being her second trip with me to my second home, We decided to do a bit more shooting and shopping instead of the typical sightseeing stuff as we’ve done that for the most part.

I also decided to suit up a few times, just to change it up a bit. Taking a break from the plethora of street style available there. Really fell in love with this Le Chateau blazer and complimenting trousers and button up.

Not to sound bourgeois, but normally I like to fly long flights in the comfort of Air Canadas business class section, but since Mel doesn’t get to come often i gave her my seat up front and sucked it up sitting in the back for 13 hours. Needless to say once you sit in business class you never want o go back to economy! One thing with long flights, is they are super taxing, you feel gross afterwards and just need something, a little pick me up to refresh yourself after that long flight. We partnered up with Glam Glow ( which is a new thing for me). I’m normally not one to have a skin care regimen, however after trying it out I was super happy with the cleanser Mel had me use!

That totally got me reset for the rest of the trip feeling FRESH! While I got that done Mel was rocking out with Shu Uemura and all the lovely lipsticks and such to get ready every night before we painted the town red,


One of the spots you HAVE to hit up while in Tokyo hands down is Shibuya. Everything goes down there or is accessible from there. nightlife, great food, shopping, and generally anything you want to do is a hop skip and a jump. It’s also home to the busiest pedestrian intersection in the world, The Shibuya Scramble.

Travelling with that special person is always such a treat, so get out there explore the world and don’t forget to take those shots that will last a lifetime!