Being someone who loves traveling and taking photos, there are a few things I try to come in my bag when I go away. below is a list of items that will ensure you get the most out of your vacations!

Dope Photogenic Beach Towel

            I don’t know about you but when I’m at the beach with all the obligatory beach shots my towel tends to either end up in the photo as an afterthought or as a main piece of the actual photo. That being said, having a beach towel that shoots well will go a long way.


            For someone who shoots most of my content on my own, a tripod is SUPER CLUTCH! I have tripods for various occasions, some bigger and heavier than others. I recommend picking up a gorilla pod style of tripod for travels as it’s easy to carry, doesn’t take up much space if you are packing it in your suitcase and is crazy versatile for most situations.

24mm Lens

Being a photographer, I have a crap load of lenses in my kit. At times it can be difficult to pack all the gear you want to while packing clothes and everything else and still be under weight for your luggage. A 24mm lens is compact and is probably my favourite prime to walk around with when I travel anywhere.


Extra Camera Batteries

I cannot stress this enough! When you are traveling, you never know how long you will be out and about or when you’ll have a chance to charge up your gear. So having 2 extra batteries is a MUST. The last thing you want it s to spend the whole day shooting and run out of juice just as that perfect sunset happens and you standing there recording it to memory! SADFACE!


            I’m super hypocritical when it comes to this because 99% of the time it’s the one thing I always forget. But for those times that I do end up remembering to pack some it’s always a lifesaver. The sun will destroy your skin and make for a very uncomfortable vacation if you spend most of your day at the pool or beach.



Anytime I travel a tube of l’occitane cream comes with me! (this is not sponsored) I actually love their products. I find when I travel sometimes shower water is harsh on my skin and I get all dried out after I get out of the shower. This stuff is great, not greasy, and absorbs into your skin super quick.


What are your must haves?