Buying a house, especially in today’s market in what seems like a never ending sea of cranes just floating in the sky of the Toronto skyline is a HUGE accomplishment. What with all the excitement, and planning to give the 107 year old house a facelift, I didn’t stope to think of the things i would need to accomplish said goals. TOOLS! something simple, yet an oversight all the same. Being brought up in a family of contractors, tools were just something that were always there. Taken for granted until the day you move out and realize you actually own very few of your own. So, what do you need as a base for your tools once you have your own place?

Well for starters, I picked up a double drill set by DeWalt. A combo pack which included a regular cordless drill as well as an impact drill.

Having a solid set of drills is an absolute must! A sold set of screwdrivers as well. One thing that I didn’t even consider until the day I needed it was a ladder, and boy they are not as cheap as i thought they would be considering you JUST climb them -_-!

I ended up pick up two ladders technically, having 10′ ceilings, I quickly realized that I didn’t have much of a choice. So I picked up a multi configuration ladder to have flexibility to use it as more than just a traditional ladder.

I also picked up a more day to day step ladder that comes in handy for most situations when the big boy is just to cumbersome to use.

Now I already owned a lot of the basic stuff, but with doing your own renovations comes necessary tools that you don’t realize you may need. Like a Mitre saw for example. I just ordered this Dewalt one in order to cut hardwood, laminate, 2×4’s, baseboards, and trim with ease.

And to round out the list of some of the stuff I’ve had to buy so far, is of course a Shop-Vac. With all the mess I’ve been making a regular vacuum or broom just doesn’t cut it! You gotta be able to have a clean environment to work in and picking up little crap left behind after demolition is key.

So you guys, just remember, when it’s time to do stuff yourself, there are so many other things to consider other than time, materials, and design. And make sure to have the tools you need to do the job. Do it right the first time and you won’t have to do it again until you want a new look!