This fathers day I was able to hook up with Ford Canada and take the old man to Cayuga race track for a day of fun, high speed, and good times. Sometimes it’s easy to forget the things that our parents have done for us, life can be hectic at times and it happens. But being able to take dad out for a day to show some appreciation is a MUST!

So we arrived at the track with two beautiful Fords, the new 2017 Mustang GT and the Focus RS. Being someone who drive a sport compact myself I was more partial to the Focus due to the fact it’s small, pack a whole lot of power, styling, and handling. The mustang, well, what can I say? It’s a classic muscle car that is what it is! Sleek powerful and full of presence.

we grabbed some lunch provided by the amazing team at Ford, met our race drivers partners who would show us how to maneuver the track, and off we went.

First off was the Mustang GT, we go to take this beast out and push it a little bit. Taking turns the Mustang handled well, but shined coming out of corners with the sheer power. My dad got to let loose and really enjoyed taking it around. Next up we, took the Focus RS, let me tell you for a small car IT BOOTS! Seeing as how the track was full of turns and not many straights, the RS SHINED. going and pulling through turns with easy handling, and speed.

I had so much fun I had to take it out for a few more laps, after getting used to the track, speed, and the car itself I was really able to open it up and take it through its paces. My dad was a bit more hesitant to fully let loose, but he absolutely loved it, bragging to everyone he spoke to after the fact weeks later about his experience feeling like a race car driver.

So BIG SHOUTOUT to the Ford Canada team for hooking this up and letting pops and I have some fun on the track with the Mustang and Focus RS, it’s not an experience we will soon forget. For those looking to take one out yourselves and seeing what all the hype is about, I strongly recommend checking wither of them out and seeing what you think of them. You won’t be disappointed!



What did you do for fathers day?