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Bad news guys, looks like if you were waiting for this MONSTER drop, it’s not gonna happen! Stateside saw one pop up open in LA, After which LV announced that remaining plans for the remaining pop up are all CANCELLED! This was probably the most hyped up collab that Supreme has done in recent memory, so if you are trying to cop a piece or two, good luck. Looks like it’s a reseller market from here on out with prices currently going for $1,000 and up. Keep up on LV social media and hopefully (fingers crossed) something will change.

But as of right now as confirmed by one of LV Client Services:

With a rumored release happening this friday in New York, there are going to be a lot of pissed off hype beasts out there. With celebrity hype all over this, Bieber and Celine Dion (Shes got heat) being a few of the notables among others. Should be interesting to see where the resale market goes and if LV decides to make some pop ups in the near future. So guess just keep an eye out for updates, and new stuff coming out.


what future releases are you excited for?