Summertime is here and that means one thing, BBQ TIME! It’s hands down my favourite thing to do in the summer. Nothing beats the mouth watering smell of meat sizzling on the grill along side the sounds of freshly cracked beers from an ice cold cooler. Add good people and I guarantee you will have memories to last you through the winter. That being said, there are ways to ensure a great time!


Food is always the primary focus of a good BBQ, to make good food you’ll need the tools to get that perfect steak, burger, or chicken wing. First off, decide if you’ll be cooking with a gas BBQ or charcoal BBQ. Gas is super convenient but you won’t get the same flavour that you’ll get grilling on hot charcoal bricks. Comes down to preference really. Keeping that grill clean is also an absolute must, make sure you have that baby clean at all times when you’re not grilling.


ALWAYS have more food than you need! It’s always better to have left overs for the next day then have your guests go hungry! I feel like this goes without saying really, but you’d be surprised at how many BBQ’s I’ve been to where I felt like a Soldier on rations…NOT COOL!


Have a varied selection, not everything eats the way you do and some may have dietary restrictions, religious restrictions, or even personal restrictions. You don’t want a guest sitting around watching everyone devour a juicy pork chop because they can’t eat it, Be CONSIDERATE PEOPLE!


Make sure you have a solid beer cooler fully stocked at all times with bear as well as non alcoholic beverages. Here are some coolers I love:

Entertainment is almost as important as the food, don’t forget it! Have music playing, with all the advances in tech these days you can get an amazing portable speaker you can just run your phone from, that sounds like a full on sound setup! Doesn’t hurt to have some games or activities planned too. Perhaps beer pong, horse shoes, lawn darts. Whatever it is that works for your crowd. Hopefully this will help you throw a better BBQ!

What are your BBQ favourites ?