Amazon Prime Day has begun and we only have 6 hours left to take advantage of some sweet deals. I managed to pickup a few things myself and am excited to share with you!

A new 55″ TV to start! Mel and I just moved into our new house so i figured this would be the perfect opportunity to pickup some stuff we needed.

Some kitchen stuff to round out what I am currently missing, such as a colander, baking sheets, cling wrap, and a ladder #adultlife. Honestly some of the stuff I bought I would never imagine myself buying up until now!

Portable Hard drives are always on my list of stuff to buy, since i use up so much space backing up photos and client work!

They have so much stuff on sale right now I ended spending like $600.00 in the span of an hour……but since I don’t shop very much I justified it not to mention I’m buying stuff I need. So go check it out and let me know what you guys ended up picking up, P.S. the free 2 day shipping is the bees knees!