As many of you know Mel and I bought an old house back in July, so we’ve hand our hands full demolishing, rebuilding, and creating our own space. Mel has the entire house, and I don’t really give too much input as far as decor goes. My office however is my little sanctuary! I have had the pleasure to work with Amazon and the great products they carry. everything from decor, wall mounts for my TV, light fixtures have all been picked up from

My ceiling fixture was super reasonable in price running me a cool $40! Crazy I know! It gives me all the light i need to light up my space and looks pretty dope too. It’s crazy to think that we live in a world now that you can hop on your computer, press a few buttons and a day later it just shows up at your front door. What a world we live in eh?


I’ve never had a wall mounted TV before but always wanted one, now that I have my own place I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT! ( I feel like such an adult haha).  I grabbed a Cheetah dual articulating mount so i have the freedom to move my TV around depending on my needs and again only $40!

And of course what would my office be without a desk to get all my work done at? Copped this simple desk at a pretty good price and gives me all the space i need to do whatever i need to get done. It’s minimal, looks sleek in black, and gets the job done.

So I would say, if you need anything for your home office or just home in general Amazon has got you covered no doubt. Go take a look around, you might be surprised at what you are able to find.

What home projects do you have going on?