So for all of you that follow me on Instagram you know that I love taking photos and recently have started shooting video projects (mostly for Mel). So I figured I would layout some items that I’m thinking of picking up to add to my arsenal of awesome stuff in order to be able to create great content!

So what do I want that I don’t already have?! Well truth is that I have everything I need to shoot photos, but now that I’m starting to venture into the world of audio and video, I noticed that I’m lacking a few things if only just to make life easier for myself. One rule that I have mostly followed is not buying high end stuff unless I know that I will need it right now. As you may know, I have recently partnered with Amazon and become an Amazon Associate so I will be bringing you cool stuff that I come across, and purchases I plan on making on a variety of things so stay tuned!

DJI Phantom 4

Lately I have fallen in love with drone footage, the amount of amazing B-roll you can shoot using one of these bad boys is absolutely incredible. I have the DJI Ronin Gimbal and strongly stand by their products, so naturally I’m inclined to pickup one of their drone units.

Neewer 7″ HD Monitor

Now that I have a DJI Ronin, first thing I noticed that it’s pretty damn hard to look at the onboard screen to monitor video scenes as they are being filmed. To get around this I’ll be picking up an external monitor that I can mount on the Ronin itself and not only can I monitor, it’s also like twice the size!

Neewer 18″ Ring Light

This one isn’t so much for me as it will be for Mel, she has started shooting more and more Youtube videos with her talking into the camera, outfits videos, hauls, etc. This ring light will provide all the necessary light needed in order to properly expose a scene.

Rode Video Mic

Audio is probably one of the most overlooked areas when shooting video, as such unless you want to invest in a body pack lav kit, this is a great alternative especially if you are shooting on location.

Aputure LED Lighting Kit

Again another set of lighting, because at the end of the day, light is everything when it comes to photo and video. I will be booting up some shows for clients, this site, and my gaming site, so investing in a good set of lights is essential. especially now that LED continuous lighting is more readily available and pretty affordable.


Polaroid Variable ND Filter 77mm

Complete control of lighting on bright days is UBER important! variable ND filters allow you to determine the light that your lens has access to. Think, sunglasses for your camera!

Amazon carries these along with a wide range of other products that suit most budgets. So don’t forget to check the reviews on products before you buy and make sure to do your research and you’ll be sure to find stuff that suits your needs!

What gear will you be picking up this year?