If you follow me on Instagram, what you may not know is that i take a lot of my own photos. Having been a full time photographer for some time, I know how difficult it is to communicate your vision for a photo to someone shooting for you. So what are your options? Shoot it yourself, although not always possible, usually it is! First off, you’ll generally need two things, a solid tripod, and a shutter remote, or a camera with wifi remote capabilities. Manfrotto has always been my go to as far as tripods go, they make reliable product that lasts forever and can take a beating. if you are cost conscience go with one of the lower end Manfrotto tripods, although investing in a proper tripod is super important and worth the money.

When it comes to remotes, regardless of camera brand they all generally have proprietary remotes you can purchase fro your camera. If not there are always 3rd party ones you can pickup as well, the best part is you can get remotes for under $10. However with the advances in camera tech, most cameras these days come with Wifi included so they generally come with an app to control your camera from the comfort of your phone.



Now as far as setup goes, it’s super easy! frame your shot, test the lighting and make sure it’s exposed correctly. Then all you have to do is pose and shoot. If you are running the remote from your phone you’ll be able to see the frame on your phone screen and frame it  as you shoot and you can get the exact shot you want. Alternatively you can also pickup an external monitor and have it face you if your camera doesn’t have a flip screen on the back. I recommend Neewers field monitor, I’ve been using it for a while and enjoy it quite a bit.

Give it a go and let me know what works for you guys!