As I get older I notice my body isn’t what it used to be. Namely, my recovery time after drinking (which is why I don’t really drink anymore) and more recently my eyesight. I’m not going blind or anything but after visiting my local optician found out that I have slight astigmatism. At night I’m seeing more stop lights and rear tail lights while I’m driving and everything just seems a touch blurry. So it was time to get on that glasses game! Talking to friends and seeing how much my parents paid for their glasses I was NOT looking forward to shelling out a small fortune for some specs. Enter Bonlook! These guys are awesome, they have dope frames, recently partnered with local influencers to design a Toronto Collective line. The best part is they won’t even make a dent in your wallet.

I decided to pick up two pairs, one for my day to day and one pair to go with one of my many blue suits. The first pair is a simple black frame with stainless accents, durable, stylish, and am super happy with them. Best of all, my eyesight is CRISP again!

Just to add some variety to the mix, I also picked up a pair of what my friends are calling my new Harry Potter glasses lol. I am totally ok with that! They are a dope round oversize pair from the Toronto Collective they did recently with


I like that they are different, and add a nice punch to one of my many blue suits!

So guys, get out there and get your eyes checked! It’s super important and it’s something you want to be perfect for the rest of your life. and if you decide you need a pair, head on over to Bonlook and get yourself a pair or three. The staff is super helpful, the prices are more than reasonable, and best of all is you get step by step notifications with the progress of your order via email. You can take a look at their entire collection online HERE!

What do you guys think of the frames I picked up?