Mel and I just bought our first house and luckily we were able to find something with a bunch of space for the both of us, including an office/creative space for each of us! That being said, I’ve had to slow my roll on Instagram and social in general just because of all the work I’m doing on the house for the next month or two. The good news however is that when it’s all done, I’ll be starting a YouTube, Podcast show, and going a lot harder on the blog and social all around! So having the space I’m building a nice studio setup in my office to host guests and just have a nice comfortable space where people can come, collaborate and create some fun stuff. Main difference from my old setup will be Podcasting. I picked up a Mixer, 4 mics with booms arms to put into a conference table. Got 4 rolling chairs, and of course wall mounted 48″ LED TV. Along with the little odds and end of course headphones, headphone amp, AV Cables, and a bunch of other stuff. Stay tuned as I’ll give you guys a tour of my office once it’s up and functional. But for those looking to start your own podcast on a budget I’ll list out what I picked up to get the ball rolling.


That’s basically it as far as equipment I purchased to get it all started, there are obviously better quality pieces you can get if your budget allows it. Chances are I will be upgrading my mics in the future but for now this setup will do. I record everything using Adobe Audition as well, I record and edit all in one program. To go along side this I plan on doing video podcasts so, recording video is important. A good tripod and camera to capture everything going on. I have my trusty Nikon D750 as well as my Manfrotto 190 along with a Zoom H4N unit for backup audio in case something goes wrong with the original recording on my computer.

I’ll give you guys a full tour of the office once it’s up and running and you can let me know what your setup is like! Looking forward to getting that done for you guys this week.