With Summer coming to an end, for some of you this means back to school! Although it’s been a while since I’ve had that feeling of anticipation, I still remember it fondly. Getting my new gear lined up and setup for the upcoming months. I think there are always some staples that people should have on hand for back to school but will translate later in life too. A lot of my rituals and items I pickup oddly enough began back in those days, the only difference is just tweaks here and there along the way. So I figured I’d give you guys/girls a quick list of things I always like to have when back to school was just around the corner.

With sneakers being such an important aspect of what I wear, low socks are always in demand for me. They put my sneakers in full view without distraction, pair that with bungie bottom pants and you’re set! That and I become lazy from time to time and don’t feel like doing laundry! So having a large collection of them is super clutch for me.

One of the first things I would always buy is a fresh new pair of jeans. Now there are A LOT of options out there when it comes to jeans, but for me above and beyond all the designer stuff, having that one pair of tried tested and true jeans was ESSENTIAL! Enter Levi’s, THIS IS WHAT THEY DO! They made jeans popular in the 1920’s, and they have been making great stuff ever since! Affordable, durable, and they look good.

Just as important, if not more is a solid roster of comfortable boxers. For me it’s always been boxer briefs. They give the support needed as well as enough room to breath and move around. For everyone it’s different, so make sure you have at least enough to last you 3 weeks, or again, you’ll find yourself doing laundry a lot more often than you would like. to add to that, not that colour matters, but unless i’m rocking a pair of white pants I always go with black as my standard colour.



Keep it clean gents

Keeping your face trim and looking it’s best is one of the most important thing a guy can do, and for some reason I find most guys just shave for the sake of shaving. They don’t go into masks, skincare, etc. Start your day with a smooth clean shave with this bad boy. Making sure you keep that clean look going, if that is what you are going for. If not a full shave, some stubble is good, just make sure to keep it maintained and lined up.

If you haven’t noticed by now i don’t doing more work than I need to, that being said technology is great for this. Long gone are the days of manually brushing your teeth, and seeing as how having a great smile gets you so far in life GET YOURSELF A GOOD TOOTHBRUSH!

Electric brushes are much more efficient that just a normal brush and they clean your teeth soo much better, this is the one I personally use. They come in a variety of styles and prices, so find one that works for you.

Finally, Prevention and moisturizing. I cannot stress enough how far some lip balm, foot and hand lotion go. Keep that skin smooth and moisturized and you will feel like a million bucks, I do that’s for sure!


All in all grooming and some basic threads will go a long way when you are trying to figure out things you need to pickup in order to look and feel your best upon your return to school. You can find all these products on Amazon.ca and they will be at your front door the day after you order them!