Staycation: Bringing In The Holidays

We spend all year working, and for most people that consumes a good portion of their lives. So in order to bring some balance into our lives, every December Mel [@melhwang] and I get together with Vic [@thelustlistt] and Peter [@thedunklistt] to take some time to hangout together for a staycation and just be merry and all that good stuff.

This year we stayed at Sheraton Centre in Toronto. I have spend many New Years there, as well as other random days. So it was a very familiar experience for me. It’s a fantastic place to spend a few nights, they have great amenities, but above and beyond that. Their location is fantastic, regardless of your room booking you’ll have a fantastic view of Nathan Philip Square or a great city view with the CN Tower! Just stunning! The Sheraton has BnB restaurant downstairs where you can just pop in and get some delicious food without having to leave the hotel. When the weather sucks there is nothing better!

Getting to your destination can sometimes be a drag, with traffic, snow, and some not so festive people. However, when you have a sweet ride, it makes a world of difference. We got to play with the all new Buick Enclave this year, and I must say. I’m impressed, full leather, deceivingly spacious in the front or back. The sound system is on point, standard nav and entertainment unit. But the greatest feature of all HAS to be the on board WIFI! No need to eat up that data while you’re on the road or stuck in traffic. All in all, it was a great ride with 4 people and all our stuff packed away in the back, and yet still soo much room to enjoy the ride!


And with every holiday new clothes and experiences are always a must! We partnered up with Banana Republic and got to rock some pieces from their new arrivals. There is nothing quite like a new suit, the way it fits and makes you feel like a million bucks! Stylish, well made, and a variety of cuts to choose from to get that perfect fit for your body type. Since I don’t currently own one I opted for a grey suit with a light checkered pattern, and paired it with a charcoal turtleneck, and Velvet shoes. Being that it is winter, I also opted for a knit toque to keep my head warm when we went to visit the Christmas Market across the street at Nathan Philips Square.

Now one thing that I got to experience for the first time, was working on my skincare routine! Mel obviously is religious when it comes to skin care, but as a guy it EASILY gets overlooked on our day to day routines. For the most part we are lazy when it comes to stuff like that. But I must say that I rather enjoyed it and may just start to add it into my daily routine. I had the opportunity to try out some cool stuff from Origins Canada. The whipped peppermint cream is SUPER dope. It’s not greasy like most products and smells incredible to boot. 100% will use again, Especially after showers when I find that my skin feels the driest

As for overnight treatments, I tried out Estee Lauder Serum, along with their Nutritious Vitality8 for my beautiful under eye bags. applying it all on after a long day of laughs, food, shooting, and having fun was just super refreshing and had me feeling great going to bed. Waking up the next morning, my face felt like new, and ready to take on the day!

all in all it was a wicked fun staycation in the city with one of our favourite couples, can’t wait to do it all over again next year! Perhaps maybe even do up some staycations more often. I love my city and sometimes it’s nice to just stay local and experience it from a different angle and keep it fresh!

What stuff do you like to do in the city?