I don’t know about you, but there is nothing I enjoy more than a GOOD deal! Well it’s that time of year again, Amazon Prime Day is upon us . What does that mean? A crap load of deals Starting TONIGHT at 9PM EST.

Amazon has been ramping up lately announcing a lot of new partnerships and carrying some cool new brands. So for 30 hours, Amazon will be having a bunch of lightning deals (similar to what you would see as a door crasher in store) up to every 5 minutes. For those of you who are Prime members you’ll be able to see the deals coming as of the time of this post going live! Want in on some of the deals, Try out Amazon Prime service free trial and take advantage of the savings!

I will throw up a new post tomorrow outlining some of the best deals you’ll be able to find, sorted by category! So stay tuned for that.

Wanna see what some of the stuff up for offer is? Check out the PrimeDay page HERE

Happy Hunting!